Hos Tandklinikken Helleruphus kan du forvente tryg, omhyggelig og professionel behandling. Klinikkens personale har et tæt samarbejde, hvilket altid sikre vores patienter den bedste rådgivning og behandling.

Treatments & prices

preventive treatments
preventive treatments

Preventive treatments

Regular dental check-ups and tooth cleanings are important to be able to maintain your teeth for the rest of your life.

With a collaboration between dentist and patient, where we advise and instruct in good and effective home hygiene, which is also a necessity to reduce the need for repairs of the teeth.

This collaboration is evaluated on an ongoing basis at each inspection of the teeth.



A dental implant is an artificial root of titanium, which has the purpose, that in bone tissue, it is able to enter into a physico-chemical connection with the living bone tissue and thereby locks in place.

This process is called osseointegration. The implant is inserted into the jawbone, where natural teeth are missing. On top of implants, you can place single-tooth crowns, bridges or dentures, depending on how many teeth are missing and financial considerations.

There are many benefits to implants such as implants with crowns or bridges that feels and looks completely natural.

Dental implants holds on to the jawbone, which is otherwise resorbed over time due to the missing tooth root. Implant teeth are firmly attached, and you protect the intact neighboring teeth by avoiding having to grind on them.

cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the type of treatment that makes your teeth look better, so you can achieve a more beautiful, more natural and harmonious smile. Existing plastic fillings or silver fillings can be replaced to match the color of your own natural teeth.

Another form of cosmetic dentistry is porcelain veneers. This type of treatment is used for incisors and canines that are either very discolored, worn or broken due to, for example, too large plastic fillings.

In addition to the cosmetic advantage of porcelain veneers, there is also a function - teeth with porcelain veneers are strengthened.

Probably the most common form of cosmetic dentistry is bleaching. Teeth whitening brightens discolored dark or yellow teeth, so they look nicer and healthier, but at the same time retain the natural "look". You can choose to bleach at home with custom-made rails. However,  it is not all patients we can perform teeth whitening on, either because it is not professionally sound or the result will not live up to expectations. Therefore, a preliminary examination of the set of teeth will always be a done, before a teeth whitening. Many beauty salons  offers bleaching at often very cheap prices, and often these are done by untrained staff. you must therefore be extra aware that an incorrectly performed bleaching can have major negative consequences for your teeth and gums. We specialize in most types of cosmetic dentistry, and can advise you further - even if the solutions are outside our normal area of ​​expertise - for example in cosmetic orthodontics.

persistent treatments

Persistent treatments

At the clinic, we can offer almost all types of dental treatments using the latest equipment, e.g scanning with an intraoral camera, digital X-ray and much more. this is just a few examples :

- Examination and tooth cleaning incl. treatment planning as well as prevention of diseases in the teeth and the surrounding tissues

- Caries treatment (if filling therapy is the solution, only plastic fillings are made)

- Periodontal treatments (usually in close collaboration with the clinic's dental hygienist)

- Surgery incl. implant treatment - Cosmetic dental care incl. teeth whitening

- Crown and bridge treatment (exclusively Danish-produced)

- Bite function treatment incl. denntal splints

- Detachable prostheses

persistent treatments
sygeforsikring danmark

Sygeforsikringen Danmark

Tandklinikken Helleruphus cooperates with the health insurance “Danmark”.

This means that we automatically - and daily - report which treatments have been performed. Automatic and electronic reporting ensures that the health insurance always receives the correct information, and the amount to be reimbursed is not delayed unnecessarily.

Did your insurancegroup change at “denmark” but not been notified to the clinic, the expected subsidy amount on the bill may deviate from the actual amount. However, you will always be paid the correct amount, as we report benefit numbers on the treatments performed and not amounts. Read more on health insurance “Denmark's website, where you can also - via NemID log-in - see which treatments / services have been reported, including the status of payments.

Dental pricelist

Our pricelist

Standard services

Basic diagnostic examination (from 26 years)                                                                                                                       168,30 DKK

Basic diagnostic examination (from 18 - 25 years)                                                                                                                  98,17 DKK

X-ray (single tooth)                                                                                                                                                                153.67 DKK

X-ray-2 bitewings ifm. SU                                                                                                                                                      206,54 DKK

Tooth cleaning                                                                                                                                                                       210,62 DKK

Tooth cleaning without subsidies                                                                                                                                           321,42 DKK

Injection                                                                                                                                                                                             DKK

Pain consultation                                                                                                                                                                               DKK

Composite fillings

Front tooth / incisor (small filling) 2 surfaces

Front tooth / incisor (big filling) 3 surfaces

Small molar (small filling) 2 surfaces

Small molar (big filling) 3 surfaces

Big molar (small filling) 2 surfaces

Big molar (big filling) 3 surfaces

Root canal treatments

First canal

2 canals

3 canals

Subsequent canals


Mild periodontitis (examination/periodontitis treatment/ 2 tooth canal treatments)

Moderate periodontitis (examination/periodontitis treatment/ 8 tooth canal treatments)

Severe periodontitis (examination/periodontitis treatment/ 12 tooth canal treatments)

Periodontitis operation pr. segment

Removal of wisdomtooth

Simple tooth removal

Complicated tooth removal

Complicated surgical procedure


metal ceramic porcelain veneer

Cerec crown

Porcelain veneer

Full ceramic crown

Gold crown (prices from)


Cheapest bridge pr. tooth - (metal ceramic porcelain bridge)


Implantats with teeth  - 1 tooth on 1 implant (prices from)

Implant insertion of 1 implant

Bone construction


Boneconstruction (prices from)

Other treatments

Teeth whitening

Dental splint (RFS)