Preventative treatments

All examinations and treatments are based on scientific evidence
and approved materials.

Precautionary treatments

We strive to perform longlasting solutions
so painlessly and gently as possible.

Tooth implants

What is an implant, and when will it be a good solution?

Cosmetic solutions

There are many solutions and opportunities in cosmetic dentistry. Tooth whitening is one of these.

Teknik og "Kina-kroner"

For us it is not an issue if you can save
money by producing dental-bridges and -crowns aboard.

Specialized dentists

We cooperate with and refer only to the most skilled specialist dentists e.g. in surgery and tooth orientation.


As a referral clinic for people with dental phobia, we have huge experience handling this.

Emergency treatments

For toothache, or other emergency treatment outside the clinic's opening hours.