Where possible, we work toward being able to minimize the environmental impactas as much as possible – to the patients , the staff and the where we may have an impact on the enviroment.

For example, our 4 X-ray cameras are digital, meaning that no chemicals are used in the exposure process.. At the same time, the radiation dose is approx. 80% less than with conventional radiography.

Amalgam (silver fillings) are made from mercury will not be offered as treatment at the clinic because is it not beneficial to the teeth, patients or the environment.

All waste water from the clinics are carefully filtered through efficient filters before the water discharged into the sewer.

Our website is CO2 neutral. Use of the Internet emit, large amounts of CO2 due to power consumption by servers hosting the worls wide web. We participate in an initiative which neutralizes the proportion of CO2 emissions our website generate. It has a positive impact on the climate! See the certificate here

We constantly work on minimize the total use of paper at the clinic. All dental records are in our IT based journal system and the correspondance to our patients are mainly done via e-mail or sms.

The light sources in the clinic is about 95% energy efficient with a minimum of power (and heat) consumption.